About Pittsburgh Candle Works

The Founder

In 2019 I created Pittsburgh Candle Works as a way to bring nostalgia and creativity into your home through candles that are healthy to burn, and smell amazing.  I create artistic soy candles that bring in comfort and ambiance that makes your home feel cozy for you and your family.

Everyone has a place that feels like home, Pittsburgh is mine.  There’s something about Pittsburgh that pride in city that bleeds black and gold – from the sports teams to the creative spirit of a city making a comeback.  Seeing those yellow bridges does something to you that makes you feel like you belong. In the summer of 2020 we had to relocate to the east coast for a job opportunity due to COVID.  We miss Pittsburgh, but know it will always hold a special place in our hearts (and we will do our best to visit often!).  Pittsburgh is a town with a big heart, and creative spirit. My goal is to capture and celebrate it with these candles. 

Pittsburgh Local at Heart

Relocated in the summer of 2020, I still wanted to keep Pittsburgh Candle Works going.  While we are now making and shipping candles from Rhode Island, this company is still Pittsburgh Local at Heart.  Here’s how:
-PCW candles are in several Pittsburgh gift shops and boutiques so you can shop locally (click here for our store locator)
-PCW collaborates with Pittsburgh based artists to make the art on our labels
-PCW plans to do local PGH markets each year to get back into the community and meet new friends
-I love Pittsburgh.  It’s the first place that felt like home, and I sure hope to get back someday soon.


The Candles

Pittsburgh Candle Works candles are:
-handmade, soy wax candles 
-mostly made of supplies that are manufactured in the USA
-created with labels that are unique, original and thoughtful
-made of clean burning ingredients that are safe to have in your home

You want to be comfortable with the products you use in your home. That’s why I use soy wax sourced from American grown soybeans; the highest quality fragrance oils – 100% phthalate-free, non-toxic, highly scented oils; cotton wicks and glass jars made right here in the USA. The candles are hand poured in my basement candle studio – so they come right from my home to yours! 

The label creation has been a special process. I knew the scent of candles in your home is just as important as the look of them. That’s why I’ve teamed up with local artists to create small works of art on each and every label.

The Mission & Vision

Our Mission is simple:
to create joyful experiences through artistic, high quality soy candles.

Our Vision is community:
PCW is working to positively impact our community by
-supporting and promoting artists

-spreading joy with good smells and delightful gift giving
-giving back to local organizations with each candle sale

 $1 from each candle sold goes to support a Pittsburgh organization that’s investing in the lives of the homeless and less fortunate in Pittsburgh.

To learn more visit

The Artists

Signature Pittsburgh, Seasonal & Holiday Collections

Shelbey Tharpe is a fine artist and native of Pennsylvania living and working in Pittsburgh. She is a student a CCAC, a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and has recently received the Meshanko Memorial Art Scholarship. Her interest in art has been life long. Growing up among woods, creeks, and fields gave her space for exploration and imagination. An avid hiker, the natural world and trails have heavily influenced her work. “We can’t always see the beautiful things that lie ahead of us. We must keep moving, head up and eyes open, and find our own way.” Shelbey is currently exploring essence in her coursework en plein air and in her home art studio. Shelbey is the artist behind our Pittsburgh Collection & Seasonal Collections. See more of her work at

Yinzer Collection

This is Luke and he likes warm hugs. He considers himself to be many things, but has obviously watched Frozen one too many times, which means he regards himself as foremost a father. Born, bred and buttered in Pittsburgh, PA – he lives in the South Hills with his growing family of humans and, of course, dogs. Luke has been working as a freelance graphic artist for 5 years under his business Rusty Dog Studio. He and his wife also own and operate Studio Make, a children’s creative center in Peters Township. When he’s not glued to the computer you’ll find Luke playing in his wood shop, playing guitar, playing dad or playing dead. Luke is the artist behind the Hockey Candle, and the Yinzer Collection.


Coffee & Tea Collection

Rachel works as a corporate event planner by day, but her fun job is running an Etsy shop featuring unique and whimsical greeting cards and prints! Rachel grew up spending hours in greeting card aisles, loving the funny sayings and cute illustrations, but it wasn’t until 2017 that some of her good friends convinced her to open her shop, Rachel Phillips Designs (RPhillipsDesigns). Rachel is originally from central Pennsylvania but lived in 3 different cities prior to coming to Pittsburgh – which she is now proud to call home. Rachel loves spending her free time spoiling her cat, Maisie (who can usually be found laying on her laptop) or trying to find the best cup of coffee in Pittsburgh.


Neighborhood Collection

KLoRebel Art is the work of native Pittsburgh artist and small business owner, Kirsten Lowe-Rebel.

With a strong connection to time and place, Kirsten’s artwork reflects the architecture, landmarks and grit of her hometown of Pittsburgh. She continues to add to her stock of skylines and urban landscapes when she travels to new destinations. Kirsten’s work embodies an intimacy with architecture, large structures, memory and pride. See more of her work here.