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Simple, artistic soy candles made with in PGH

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What People Are Saying...

I love the way these candles burn, they not only burn super clean, but they literally last longer than any other candle I’ve ever used (and I have burned a lot of candles in my time).
I HIGHLY recommend these beautiful small batch candles, they smell divine and I love supporting small businesses. Thank you Pittsburgh Candle Works for all the love you put into every jar.  –Denia @Farmhouse_AF

Tart apples and a wee bit of spice is what this candle is all about. Fresh and clean smelling, this candle does not disappoint. – Katy McHolm @RancholaFlor

This candle is all things fall wrapped up in one! Spice with a hint of pumpkin and everything nice! The wax burns so clean and the wick is easy to trim and lights quickly! If you love the smells of fall, this candle is for you! – Katy McHolm @RancholaFlor